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In a world of high tech and hustle and bustle, who has time to read. We’re lucky we have time to watch/listen to the news to stay abreast of what’s going on in the world. From single moms to joint breadwinners, we roll out of bed, run to work or tend to routine household chores, errands and childrearing. Before you know it, the day is over, dinner begins, ends and we prepare to start all over again.

So I started this blog/website, long coming, to SHARE a compilation of stuff I’ve collected over the years that caught my attention to benefit my readers on interesting topics for everyday living. They were interesting for me to read, collect and want to share, and I’m hoping you’ll enjoy and benefit from them as well. Why read my blog? I know you’ll find the writer’s viewpoints valuable and knowledgeable to inform, educate and entertain you and your contributing views from the audience in return.

Lifestyles, health, parenting, makeup, fitness, food recipes are a few of what you can expect going forward. Tune in, contribute and come back again. Life is Knowledge . . . Let’s get started!